BLB Vision

Book Luvin’ Babes is the latest creation of yours truly, Dana Taylor. We are living in the Golden Era of the Publishing Revolution. With the rise of digital publishing, all the rules have changed. But one thing doesn’t change–the desire for readers to enjoy good books. I am a writer, but I am also a reader. I appreciate good storytelling.

Since brick-and-mortar bookstores seem to have gone the way of the dinosaur, there’s a great need for a place on the web for readers to discover terrific books. I will be pulling together a team of truly Book Luvin’ Babes to share upbeat reviews of their favorite books. There will be no humiliating star system or book bashing. If a book is mentioned at BLB, it’s because we think it is worthy of word-of-mouth praise (WOM). Many types of books will be featured–both fiction and non-fiction, as long as they present a positive, entertaining package. 

Also, if the site is monetized, it won’t be on the backs of authors. No book banners for sale. If the site becomes popular, I will carefully invite corporate sponsors. Products endorsed here will probably benefit women’s causes.

Finally, I hope to create a fun platform for authors to interact with their fans. Writers are fascinating people who live in a world of ideas and stories. Cyberspace offers unprecedented opportunities to meet and greet. Interviews, podcasts, book trailers–this will be a happenin’ place!

And, oh yeah–contests and giveaways! Because readers love ’em.

Dana Taylor


2 responses

  1. Where is the submission information? I’d love to submit something for review.

    1. Hi Jason–If you’d like to submit a review or post to Book Luvin’ Babes, send me an email to We can start a conversation–Dana Taylor

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