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Late to the Game by Lisa Scott


 Lisa Scott 

            I used to work as a morning news anchor, which meant I got up at 3 a.m. and went to bed at 8 if I was lucky (And I usually wasn’t very lucky. I also probably shaved a few years off my life in the process; I was constantly exhausted.)  But this also meant no prime time TV. I was so out of the loop on current TV shows, I didn’t even know where the loop was.  I’ve never even watched American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.  Enough said.

            But when I lost my job and started working at home, I had some time on my hands—and a later bedtime.  I discovered a bunch of great shows everyone had been talking about and had several seasons worth to gobble up on Netflix.  I watched four seasons of The Office in two weeks. (I knew Pam and Jim were going to get together!) Five seasons of Lost in two months.  It’s incredible to be able to watch back-to-back shows without the angst of waiting.  (And it was easier to remember some of the complicated twists and clues in Lost.  I’m still confused about the ending, though.)The Hot Girl's Friend (from Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories)

            I’m the same way with books, too.  I was late to the Harry Potter series, so there were four books waiting for me that I devoured over the course of a few weeks.  Diana Gabaldon was just releasing book number five in her Outlander series, so I had months of incredible writing to enjoy there, too.  (Those are some big books, baby.) And now, intrigued by the movie trailer to Janet Evanovitch’s One for the Money, I’ve started reading her hilarious Stephanie Plum series.  With eighteen books out, I’ll be set for a while.  (Although I have been reading them at a rate of one every two days.  I really should pace myself.)

            I’m sure there are many other great series out there waiting to be discovered.  What are some of your favorites?  If you sat next to me on the subway and saw me with my kindle, what would you insist I download?  Have you ever been lucky enough to find a series after the fact?


From BLB–TV news’ loss is our gain. Lisa is busy writing fun, flirty books. Discover Lisa’s breezy style for FREE through her short story, THE HOT GIRL’S FRIEND, at Amazon. Look for the entire FLIRTS series–perfect vacation reading–or when you need a vacation!


Meet BLB team member, Lisa Scott

Lisa ScottLisa Scott is a former TV news anchor who now enjoys making up stories for a living instead of sticking to the facts.  She lives in upstate NY with her husband, two children, dog, cats, and koi fish.  When not writing, she works as a voice actor on projects like audiobooks, apps, narrations, voice mail systems, commercials and more.  As an anchor and reporter, she worked for TV stations in Bangor, ME, Rochester, NY and Buffalo, NY.  She loves chocolate, hates sushi, and spends much of her time gardening.  (But truth be told, she can’t keep an indoor plant alive to save her life.  You don’t want to know how many orchids have perished at her hands.) Lisa is the author of the “Flirts” series. See Lisa Scott at Amazon.

Oh, Favorite Books, Why Do I Love Thee So?

by Lisa Scott

When I find something I like, I don’t often ponder why I like it.  Books, movies, TV shows, food—I just enjoy them.  I read the last Harry Potter book in two days.  Thai food goes down the gullet without entirely understanding why I dream about it.  I was late to The Office and watched four seasons on Netflix in two weeks. When I love something, I love it. But I’d like to better understand why I cherish certain movies or devour books from a particular author.  Otherwise, my reviews might read like a bad fifth grade essay.  “It was really, really, really good.  I liked it very, very, very much.”

I read a diverse selection of books: contemporary romance, historical romance, business books, self-help, children’s books, YA, paranormal.  (I write in different genres, too.  Romance and middle grade fiction. As they once said on The Simpsons, “Nuts and gum, together at last.”)  But certainly, all these books have something in common.

So what do my favorite books contain—the ones I prattle on about to strangers, demanding a signed pledge that they will read it?  The first thing that I remember about these books are the characters.  My favorite books always feature people I care about.  Characters who seem so real, I wonder what they’re up to when I’m not reading the book.  That’s one must for a favorite book.  Like Jamie and Claire in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.  (That’s a book that deserves its own post at a later date.)  Quirky, real characters, like Stephanie Plum in Janet Evanovich’s series.

Next, take me to a place or time I’ve never been, and I’m in.  Memoirs of Geisha swept me away to a world and a culture I knew nothing about.  The circus world of Water For Elephants was as intriguing as the characters. Teach me something I don’t know; show me something I haven’t seen. This isn’t a must, but it is a plus.

I also love books with callbacks. Jokes throughout the book that reference something mentioned at the beginning.  Good comedians do this often, closing their show with a joke that touches on something they talked about earlier.  In my Holiday Flirts! short story collection, there is a running gag through the five short stories about a santa costume.  I’ve heard from many readers who loved that.  And while I love funny books, I like emotional ones, too.  I think the key is making me feel an emotion deeply, whatever it is.

I also drool over beautiful imagery in books.  Jodi Picoult is a favorite.  She has so many wonderful descriptions that just resonate; passages you read over and over again to enjoy their beauty one more time.  Some of her sentences contain more truths than you’ll find in entire books.

And for better or worse, I like all threads to be tied up.  When the Lost TV series ended I was miffed, because I felt there were so many plot points left dangling.  No Country For Old Men?  I was livid when it ended like that.

Basically, when I finish a book, I want to hold it against my chest and sigh.  That’s when I know it was a good book.  The ones you can’t stop thinking about long after the end.  The ones you tell your friends about.  The ones that change you.

Not much to ask for, huh?  What about you?  What things excite you about a good book?