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Spring into Books Winners Announced!

        Thanks to all the participants in the Spring into Books Blog Hop. I had quite a pile of entries! Drum roll, please. The Cockatoo Tote Bag winner is…

KITTY CARTOUCHE  Send an Earth Day Gift Card

Winner of the $20.00 Amazon Gift Card is JULIE WITT and because I’m feeling generous–MARY MICHAUD & ANDREA BRIGNET are receiving free copies of JAGUAR JACK

                  Thanks to everyone who participated! Keep visiting Book Luvin’ Babes. We have a lot of fun plans for the coming months. As always–we remind you to support your favorite authors by posting customer reviews.–Dana Taylor 


Spring Blog Hop at BLB

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Spread the word–JAGUAR JACK: A MYSTIC ADVENTURE by Dana Taylor is now available!

 You gotta love a man with a cockatoo!

Jaguar Jack Campbell, Aussie reality TV star, travels the globe filming escapades in the wild. His charismatic charm conceals an unwanted psychic gift and buried memories.

Major Maggie Savannah, aka Maggie-the-Mouth, is brash, brave and beautiful. She lives to beat the bad guys via covert military operations. The last thing she wants is a pretty boy TV personality partner.

But when an American female missionary is kidnapped by terrorists on a mysterious island, Jack and Maggie must join forces to secure her rescue and, perhaps, save the world.

Dana Taylor’s books have recently been on the Movers & Shakers List, and in the top Romance and Religion& Spirituality Bestseller Lists at Amazon. Over 30,000 of her books were downloaded in January & February of 2012.


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BLOG HOP 1st Prize–This Cockatoo tote bag valued at $25 from Amazon

Send an Earth Day Gift Card  2nd Prize-$20.00 Amazon Gift Card


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Fractured Fairy Tales from Barbara Silkstone

The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-QuartersHave you discovered the wonderful Fractured Fairy Tales from Barbara Silkstone yet? Fast-paced wacky fun. Bestselling author Donna Fasano offered up her take on The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters.

Update March 19–Congratulations to Drpharmgirl, DragonSinger & Shadow for entering the Quickie Contest and winning the Silkstone tale of their choice!

Review Submitted by Donna Fasano

Wild, outrageous fun!

 From page one of The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters, Barbara Silkstone grabs the reader by the throat and hauls her along on a wild ride all the way to The End. The author has a strong, distinctive voice and uses words the way an artist uses paint. Like strokes of bold color, her descriptions create vivid and lively scenes and unforgettable characters that have stayed with me long after I put down the book. This is an amazing, riotous adventure that I would recommend to any and all Janet Evanovich fans.


Alice Harte’s life is falling apart. Her boss at the real estate firm where she works is a litigious and murderous man with ties to “The Mob” in Florida. She KNOWS he has literally beheaded someone in the past.

Her whole life she has dreamed of living in England and meeting a man similar to John Cleese. In an attempt to start breaking away from her boss who is threatening her with a lawsuit, she flies to England to meet Nigel Channing, who has been charming her through e-mails and phone calls.

As her life in Miami falls apart, with mobsters and a pending fraud lawsuit, her romantic savior in England looks more and more tarnished by the hour. And then she stumbles across a beheaded mob boss. How will she ever keep her head and win the lawsuit? And what about love?

Books in the Fractured Fairy Tales by Silkstone series:
The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters
Wendy and the Lost Boys
London Broil
Snow White – coming in 2012

Image of Donna FasanoDonna Fasano sold her first manuscript in 1989, and since then has become a bestselling, award-winning author of over thirty novels and four audio books. She writes under her own name, Donna Fasano, as well as under the pen name Donna Clayton and is known for her “smooth, polished” writing style and for creating “strong, complex” characters. Her books include Return of the Runaway Bride, The Merry-Go-Round, and His Wife for a While.

Quickie Contest: BLB will give three winners the Silkstone e-book of their choice. Answer this question in the comments–What fairy tale should Barbara consider fracturing next?

Valentine Blog Hop


Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winners of the Valentine Blog Hop!

Winner of the $75 Amazon Gift Card is Debbie Crim

Winner of the Valentine Diamond Pendant is Mary Hay

Thank you to all the authors and readers who participated. Keep an eye out for the next contest from Book Luvin’ Babes!

Welcome to the new Book Luvin’ Babes blogsite where readers come together with their favorite authors. We’re pleased to launch with the Valentine Blog Hop!  Visit 30 author websites to discover fun prizes and great stories.

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Second Prize is this highly customer rated Sterling Silver Black and White Round Diamond Heart Pendant

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2. Hop through the author blogs by clicking into their names and enter as many author contests as you wish. Winners from each of the  individual contests will also be entered for the prizes noted above.

3. Contest runs February 1 – 14. Have fun and get hoppin’!

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