Like Cher, some people only need one name, and Chavis is one of them.  Truly an original, Chavis will be offering reviews of classics and new releases with Book Luvin’ Babe enthusiasm.

Like most avid readers, I developed a love for reading pretty much in vitro, and even though graduate school almost killed that love, it has never fully left me. After about 8 years of college getting my education: a Bachelors in English in 1996 and a Masters in Traditional Literature from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1999, I decided to work in a used bookstore, so I could be around books, even though I felt like my brain cells had swollen to mass proportions (it literally hurt to read, so I didn’t do it at all for two years). One day, my boss was talking, and I gave some air-headed response, and realized “I’m turning into one of those people…I need to read again!” My love of reading returned with a vigor, and I have never looked back. While an admitted cable television junkie, I cannot imagine a day without reading for pleasure, whether it be magazines, books, or tomes! Today, while in between books, I teach freshman English Composition classes at several universities and colleges in Oklahoma, as I have done for about 15 years. I love sharing books, meeting new people, and I am excited to be here!


Lisa ScottLisa Scott is a former TV news anchor who now enjoys making up stories for a living instead of sticking to the facts.  She lives in upstate NY with her husband, two children, dog, cats, and koi fish.  When not writing, she works as a voice actor on projects like audiobooks, apps, narrations, voice mail systems, commercials and more.  As an anchor and reporter, she worked for TV stations in Bangor, ME, Rochester, NY and Buffalo, NY.  She loves chocolate, hates sushi, and spends much of her time gardening.  (But truth be told, she can’t keep an indoor plant alive to save her life.  You don’t want to know how many orchids have perished at her hands.) Lisa is the author of the “Flirts” series. See Lisa Scott at Amazon.


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