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BLB has moved!

Dana Taylor

A Note from Dana Taylor– Hey Babes– BLB has moved! We are now at www.BOOKLUVINBABES.COM.  It looks very similar, but the behind-the-scenes techno-stuff made the move necessary. And I am still on the learning curve, so be patient with me! In the coming months I plan to have some very special events and feature totally cool authors–Famous and Soon-to-be-Famous. BLB is all about bringing readers and writers TOGETHER. Where do you go to find TERRIFIC BOOKS?  Book Luvin’! See you there– Dana Taylor


And So It Begins

 From Dana Taylor:

Do you carry a book wherever you go? Is your TBR pile falling over? Is your e-reader overloaded? If so, than you may be a Book Luvin’ Babe.

Book Luvin’ Babes began as one of my Grand Ideas—a 4 a.m. wake-up call with thoughts and revelations scattered around my mind. Often my books get their beginnings with a scene coming together like a movie. This time a set of pearl-like ideas needed to be strung together.

I’m excited to be alive during this moment in history. The Internet is changing everything, from the political landscape to the stodgy world of publishing. I’m officially an Indie Author—a totally new breed of cat, exploring unprecedented freedom of expression and distribution.

Beyond writing my own books, I take great joy in encouraging other authors. A few years ago I had my own Internet radio show, Definitely Dana, and largely promoted other writers. I would wander book stores and wait for something to “call” to me. Good storytelling energizes me; fresh topics fascinate me.

Ebooks first took hold with the young media-savvy set. Stephanie Myers and Amanda Hocking are prime examples of authors pitched to stardom by a young audience. But what about those readers who have lived a bit longer and have broader life experience? They are now coming to the digital party. Where do they go to look for something interesting to read?

The bestseller lists are a good start, but they are often manipulated by marketing techniques having little to do with finding good books. Book Luvin’ Babes is aimed at bringing women readers and authors together. Many of the best writers I know are fairly shy people. I’m hoping to give exposure to some of those talented storytellers.

In other cases, there are both established and newbie writers who are readers favorites. Wouldn’t it be fun to offer a forum where readers can ask questions of their best-loved authors? Writing is a lonely business. Wouldn’t it be great for authors to discover how much readers enjoy their work first hand?

Readers also love giveaways and contests. The Valentine Blog Hop seemed like a good way to begin. Thirty authors jumped in. Since February 1, the site has had over 2,200 views—a good beginning. Intriguing authors, fresh ideas, lots of fun—a place where Book Luvin’ Babes get together. Come by often and see those Grand Ideas take shape!

 Dana Taylor