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Swept Away with Marsha Canham

Dana Taylor: Hi Babes! I’m very excited to have USA bestselling author, Marsha Canham, as our guest at BLB. Marsha has been around the block, as they say, in the publishing business. She’s enjoyed a successful career as a traditionally published author of historical romances and now she’s “gone Indie.” The Following Sea (The Pirate Wolf series)

I’ve enjoyed her very frank posts in the Writer’s Café at Kindle Boards talking about the book industry. She tells it like it is on her blog site, Marsha Canham’s Blog. Quickie Contest: Make a comment or ask a question to be eligible for a FREE copy of Marsha’s latest release, THE FOLLOWING SEA.

Tell me, have you gotten any backlash from publishers or traditional authors by “going Indie?”

Amazon's Complete Selection of Marsha Canham BooksMarsha Canham: Funny you should ask that now when all the Indies are up in arms over a blanket statement by  Jodi Piccoult in a recent interview telling authors NOT TO SELF PUBLISH. According to her wisdom and pithy perceptions, we’ve “not yet separated the wheat from the chaff” and “There’s a lot of crap out there, and one day we may find a way to segregate well written self published fiction from that stuff which anyone can throw on Amazon, but I just don’t think we’re there yet ” 

I guess that means I’m not there yet LOL!   So to answer your question, the only backlash seems to come from authors who think like publishing houses, that a system that has worked for a hundred years should continue to work for a hundred more. Problem is, a hundred years ago there was no such thing as the internet or ereaders.  What we read is up to us, the readers, and we can choose to read an Indie book, or we can choose to read a traditionally published book. By telling authors NOT to self publish, she’s not only denying the author the right to publish …and believe me, back when I began, if I thought ten people might read my first book, it would have been a thrill and inspired me to keep writing and keep improving my craft… but she’s denying the readers the opportunity to read some damn good books that publishing houses either don’t think fit into their line of works, or they like the book, they just don’t have room for it.

DT: Kind reminds me of the guy who wanted to close down the United States Patent Office in the early 20th century because “everything has already been invented!” Marsha, you write wonderful, swashbuckling romantic tales. Can you give people who might be unfamiliar with your work an idea of what inspires you and what they’ll be likely to find in a Marsha Canham story?

MC: Dana, before we close, let me thank you for inviting me on your blog. I’ve also enjoyed the interaction on the Kindle Boards, it’s a great group of people, readers and authors alike, who share information and give advice generously.Product Details

Hmmm…what are readers likely to find? Well, I have been dubbed the Queen of Swashbuckling Romance by Romantic Times on several occasions. I enjoy writing historical romances with a lot of action and adventure and try to put the words onto paper the way I see the scenes playing out in my mind, like a film.  I choose eras to place my stories in that have always fascinated me, like Medieval England or theScottishHighlands, or my ultimate favorite, the high-seas. My most recent book, an original straight to ebook format, is The Following Sea, which completes the Pirate Wolf Trilogy begun with Across A Moonlit Sea and The Iron Rose. A lot of swashing and buckling, sea battles, land battles, lost treasure galleons, and of course, romance.

 Marsha Canham  Bio: I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Writing mostly historical romances set in many of my favorite periods and themes: medieval, pirate, regency, Scottish. My books have won many awards from Romantic Times, including Best Historical of the Year, Best Swashbuckler of the Year, Best Medieval of the Year, Storyteller of the Year, and I have twice received Lifetime Achievement Awards. The Iron Rose won accolades from Publishers Weekly for being one of the seven best fiction books of the year. My novels have consistently appeared on USA Today bestseller lists. Nasty rumors of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated.

Quickie Contest: Make a comment or ask a question to be eligible for a FREE copy of THE FOLLOWING SEA from Marsha.


Meet C.J. Archer–She’s Gone Indie

Special thanks to C.J. Archer for guesting on BLB. Congratulations to Sarah (drpharmgirl) and Jan Carol for winning a free copy of SURRENDER, C.J.’s latest release! 

From Dana Taylor– C.J. Archer is turning into an “over night success” with break out book sales and a much-coveted contract offer from Amazon’s new romance imprint, Montlake Publishing. Though we live continents apart (she’s from Down Under), I’ve come to her admire C.J.’s elegant manner and highly enjoyable tales. She’s just celebrated her first anniversary as an official Indie Author. Book Luvin’ Babes is happy to present C.J. Archer–

Anniversaries are a time for celebration and reflection but I let my 1-year anniversary of indie-publishing slip by without a single tweet or post. It seemed fitting because that’s exactly how I began this venture on January 28th 2011: quietly.

I dipped my toe into indie -publishing cautiously, afraid that it might tarnish me as a writer. I’d spent 15 years building up a professional reputation by winning and finaling in contests, attending conferences, and honing my craft. I thought I’d be throwing all of that hard work away if I self-published, so I chose a different name and became C.J. Archer. I even changed the titles of my contest winning books so no-one would be able to link the real manuscripts or the real me to the indie-pubbed ones. That way I could keep submitting to agents and editors and none of them could track my sales results and use them against me if they were low, which I expected them to be.

Why did I do it if I was so ashamed of it? Well, I knew the publishing landscape was changing. Everywhere you went on the internet, you couldn’t escape the discussions. I decided I had nothing to lose. I was ready. My writing was solid.  After 15 years, 1 agent and 22 completed manuscripts (yes, that’s 22 book-length manuscripts and another 6 or so unfinished) I decided it was time to take back control. I was tired of the glacial speed of publishing and the lack of editorial interest in historical romances set outside Regency England, and I thought I might as well try to earn some money. As I saw it, it was either self-publish or give up, and the thought of wasting those 15 years pushed me over the edge. Besides, I really loved some of those manuscripts.

Fast forward a few months and I had 6 releases under my belt. I received some good reviews (and some bad ones) but more importantly, I was selling books. Not huge numbers like some folks, but a good number. Then the numbers began to wane. I knew I had to do something drastic to see them rise again. Fast forward another few months, August to be exact, and I set one of my books, A Secret Life free. It was downloaded thousands of times. The sequel, A Secret Desire, subsequently sold thousands of copies. Suddenly I was making serious money not only on Amazon but Apple and Barnes & Noble where before I’d made nothing.

Then it got even better.

An editor from Amazon’s romance imprint, Montlake Publishing, contacted me. She loved those 2 books and wanted to re-publish them as Montlake titles. Really?  My books? I was totally surprised. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of contracts, edits, cover copy, front covers and emails. The 2 books will be re-released with new titles – Her Secret Desire and Scandal’s Mistress respectively – on April 24th in both print and ebook.

So what’s in store for the next year? I have no idea. If you’d asked me a year ago if I thought I would have a 2-book contract with a publishing company that most authors are clamoring to sign with, I’d have responded with a classic Aussie line: “You’re dreaming”. What I do know is that aside from the two re-released books, I have plans for a third book in that series. I’m also halfway through a Victorian-era trilogy which features a ghost and the young woman who can see him, and I have lots of ideas for more Elizabethan historical romances. I’m also releasing a Regency historical romance, Surrender, very soon. To find out when it’s available and take advantage of the discount I’ll be offering upon its release, send me an email at cjarcher.writes@gmail.com and ask to be added to my New Releases list.

If I’ve learned one thing this year it’s to say yes to opportunities, be nice but be yourself, and don’t worry about what other people think of your choices. Oh, and starting out quietly isn’t always a bad thing.

Thank you, C.J. for being our first guest at Book Luvin’ Babes. Hey, Babes–be sure to ask C.J. a question in the comments to be entered in the contest to win a copy of SURRENDER. And don’t forget to “like” the BLB Facebook page to keep up with the site!