Three Moons Over Sedona


Three Moons Over Sedona

Three Moons Over Sedona by Sherry Hartzler

Review by Dana Taylor

Any title with the word Sedona in it, is going to get my attention.  The story begins, however, in Ohio with these lines:

 Georgia Mae Brown wanted out of her life. No rush. She’d already waited fifty-three years.

Author Sherry Hartzler piqued my curiosity from the title to the opening paragraph and I soon became caught up in Georgia’s journey of transition and self-discovery. Georgia’s life has recently been turned upside down by the death, under embarrassing circumstances, of her husband, Ed. As the story opens, she is heading out for a gallon of milk and just keeps going.

An aimless drive turns into a road trip when a stranger at a gas station mentions Sedona, Arizona as a “must see” location. Georgia now has a destination and the hope that she’ll find clarity in the new surrounding.

Hartzler does an excellent job of weaving Georgia’s past and present into a smooth story flow. She introduces new characters along the way. Soon Georgia is involved with younger friends in Sedona dealing with their life challenges also.

Zoe is the daughter of a Joan Crawford-like movie star (with a little Loretta Young thrown in for good measure). Her story line adds glamour and mystery to the tale. Trish, the owner of the café where Georgia finds a home base, has her issues and the reader comes to care about her also.

Though the story is devoid of car chases, bad guys, shape shifters, or ditzy heroines, it provides an engaging cast of characters learning to take a chance on new friends and new loves.

Oh, yeah, and most of it takes place in one of my favorite spots, Sedona, Arizona. Did I mention that? Three Moons Over Sedona by   Sherry Hartzler, a BLB Indie gem.


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  1. Sounds interesting. Must read.

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